Africa is a continent blessed with rare individuals that are endowed with instincts that make them stand out both locally and internationally,

Amb. Abdulhakeem Odegade, MD/CEO of AKMODEL HOMES & PROPERTIES with a  subsidiary, AKMODEL BUILDER  has carved a niche for himself in the world of real estate, in spite of little or rather zero support from the government.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is battling an estimated 20million housing units, deficit, a challenge that should be tackled by government and private sector through Public Private Partnership Initiative {PPP) and socio economic statecraft geared towards shelter provision

Indeed, we can’t divorce the efforts of private sector in ensuring that Nigerians are not becoming predominantly homeless overnight due to uncontrolled population growth.

It is however important to note that homelessness is not peculiar to Africa as palpable cases of people found improvising shelter on the streets of western countries is phenomenal

Combating the seemingly pestiferous challenge of housing deficit in the face of economic recession appears to be onerous. While only few individuals who are equipped with towering management acumen have been  sallying out of the gauntlet .

Real estate investment amidst incommoding (ESG) that ranges from land tenure, red–tapism , substandard materials, standard compromise amongst personnel  and others  have scuttled several real estate investment, thereby rendering efforts  of several real estate companies futile.

As part of developmental initiative ,AKMODEL HOMES & PROPERTIES a self -styled  company is consistently scaling all the dismal hurdles courtesy of ingenuity. This stands it out! while in a bid to weather the storm, attention is however given to the need to embark on  research  into best practices which include local and international consultation spree!

Notably, the driving force can’t but  be humanitarian.Though, the venture is commercial  with desire to make profits. Profits in this context however depict; pecuniary substance and accomplishment of humanitarian goals.

It is undoubtedly, profit making when fundamental vision is accomplished irrespective of adventure or rather  venture  as the case may be on the terrains termed  commercial ,avocational and  humanitarian.

Championing the cause of sheltering humans can not be trivialized. Funny enough, Silicon valley that is the seat of intellectual economy , coming up with digital products that seem to have produced virtual hones /offices is till operating from a real estate environment. In  deed ,the indefeasibility of this human desideratum brought about emergence of the world’s strongest and foremost society named FREEMASONRY  a society that emanated from real estate intervention of some masons who jumbled piety and  humanitarianism towards rebuilding the temple demolished by Titus in 70 AD

Ambassador Abdulhakeem Odegade an iconic African whose desire to house teeming population of Nigerians is indefatigable in his quest to accomplish the noble task.

Soaring beyond the common horizon and altitude often breeds celebration  of individuals who painstakingly fly  around the apogees of their chosen careers. A statement that relives the memory of Late Obafemi Awolowo who posited thus “History does not jingle the names of presidents of nations but those who have performed excellently well in their chosen careers’. He further argued and asked rhetorically  thus ” Is Mary Sclessor a president of a nation ? Is Mungo Park a president of a nation ? Is Albert Einstein a president of a nation?

The epoch making event by PANAFRICAN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE on 27th March 2022 at LAGOS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY that showcased Ambassador of peace, Abdulhakeem Odegade  as a foremost realtor  will remain indelible in memory every attendees of the international constellation. An august gathering that witnessed presentation of an award tagged BEST RESIDENTIAL SALES AND DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY COMPANY .An event full of glamour gave credence to the outstanding performance of AKMODEL HOMES & PROPERTIES under the able leadership of a man with a midas touch.

Extolling the virtue of a Nigerian who has paid his dues can’t be a mere adulation. Amb Abdulhakeem Odegade a fellow of Nigeria Institute of Building and Facility management who believes in finesse and does not jump the gun is legendary

Indisputably, Odegade who is not a charlatan in the industry bagged Higher National Diploma in Building & Construction Technology at  the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State Nigeria. He never relented as he bagged associateship of Nigeria Institute of Building (NoB) and International Chartered Institute of Building.

Amb Odegade is running a legitimate business that is duly registered under the auspices of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC ) in Nigeria with RC NO: 1798991.While the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) certifies and offered RNSC251817464

Man doing what he knows is simply and industrial engagement and man knowing what he does is an expertise. Ultimately, knowing what to do about these virtues is  divine

Amb Odegade Abdulhakeem having taken into cognizance  the essence of trusting in God and imbibing all the injunctions through unflinching piety, knowing what to do about effective housing of Nigerians became simplified.

Without any grandstanding, AKMODEL is a model for the continent of Africa in real estate practices.

To be continued